These guys messed with the wrong dad...


I've been anticipating the Netflix's The Punisher series since Frank Castle made his first cameo in Daredevil, and I've liked every teaser since. But Netflix stepped up their game by adding Metallica's "One" with a chorus of gunfire. I no longer like this series. I am in love. And it hasn't even started yet.


By the way...When WILL it start? Netflix has announced no premiere date. All we know is that it IS coming out this year. While I'm kind of impatient to know, I also understand the method to their madness. You see, this release date and Frank Castle have a lot in common: You don't know when they're coming. You just know that they ARE coming. And they'll be here you least suspect it.


So we're probably just going to wake up one morning and BAM! The Punisher is on Netflix!


Gonna be honest, it'd be a cool Christmas present....


But I'm gonna be honest again...I don't want to wait that long.



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