Sometimes parents drop the ball on their kids rock education. And some kids are just born cool.


It kind of hurts me inside when kids and teens say things like "Oh, this song is so old..." And the song they are referring to came out when I was in high school. That hurts, kids...


I can agree with a lot what they're saying though.


First of all "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" is EVERYONE'S graduation song. If you graduated from anywhere and they DIDN'T play that song...Did you even graduate?


(I also think it's kind of ironic that the song is actually a break up song that everyone just so happened to start using as a graduation song. So, in a sense, when you play it at graduation, you're kind of breaking up with your school.)


Rae (about "American Idiot): I wish I was, like, a teenager during this period of time. I feel like I'd get so into this music!


Oh, we did, Rae. We did.


Alberto (about American idiot): This music fits for any situation. It could make you run into a wall! It could make you want to finish this assignment that you haven't done.


I'm gonna stop you right there, Alberto. If there's one thing you need to know about being a teenager in 2004 when this song came out, it's that when this song came on NO assignments were getting done. In fact, this song hindered all progress on anything you were working on. When this song came on you stopped what you were doing and rocked out. Homework be damned.


Marhly (about 21 Guns music video): They look so different.






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