I had a lot of fun yesterday at the Fall Festival. I also got really, really, REALLY sticky...


I went to the Fall Festival yesterday to start crossing things off of my "Chynna Hasn't Tried This Yet" list (I crossed off Cajun Catfish Sandwich, by the way. It Takes a Village, Booth #108. SO GOOD.) But after I did that, I somehow got roped into competing in a food competition by Ron Rhodes (you just can't say 'no' to that man).


So I teamed up with Gavin from 106.1 to compete against Liberty from 105.3 and Ryan from 106.1 in a Cheesecake Bite Toss which were SMOTHERED in caramel and got EVERYWHERE.


Watch the action here:



And of course, since I was the winner, I did a post competition interview (with myself) because I felt like I needed to give a victory speech on our 103GBF Instagram page.



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