Foo Fighters' newest album Concrete and Gold is finally here! While you're listening to it, you might think to yourself, "Man, I wonder how Dave Grohl and the rest of the band come up with these amazing songs? If only there was an animated video showcasing that process." Well luckily that hyper-specific wish comes true, as Foo Fighters have unveiled an animated making-of video for the album.

Grohl tells the story what lead up to the record, and how they went about finding its producer. He recounts meeting producer Greg Kurstin at a restaurant, after hearing a song by his band the Bird and the Bee. Grohl confesses to Kurstin how big a fan he is of his music, and the two become friends fast. As Grohl gets to know Kurstin a little more, he finds out that Kurstin is a wealth of musical knowledge, and decides he wants him to record the next Foo Fighters album.

Initially the band's manager tells them they won't be able to grab Kurstin, but Kurstin himself tells Grohl he'll do it. The rest of the band is a little confused at the choice of producer at first (given Kurstin's production discography being predominantly all pop) but they go along with it. At the studio, it turns out that numerous famous musicians make use of it, and the band runs into a ton of different musicians. It also recounts the way Justin Timberlake made his way on the album, as well as a host of other guests.

Grohl's been speaking on many of his influences recently, hitting a wide plethora of genres and influences that work their way into his output. He spoke about being heavily influenced by Sepultura's Roots, its sound being one of his favorite of all time, thanks to its unrelenting heaviness. The group has also been talking about how many of their songs have come together, and unveiled multiple musical files that construct into their song "The Sky Is a Neighborhood."

Check out the animated making-of documentary above, and, if you have Spotify or Apple Music, listen to the entire album below.

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