You can find anything on Craigslist-- even things you didn't know you missed! Here is a smattering of the types of people you might find yourself curious to connect with.


This hardware store shopper is almost poetic:

I cant believe I am posting this
But I just left ACE Hardware
I asked you if you had a certain item when I walked in and you told me that you were out of the item
I might've been imagining it, but I felt like we were sort of "on the same leave" during our brief interaction and I definitely thought I sensed you "checking me out".
I found you very attractive.
Did we have a missed connection today?

If you see this, email me and tell me what the item was that you were out of and also what the reason for you being out of stock was, as you explained to me.

Maybe we could distract each other for the summer?

This guy is interested in way more than the crazy bread:

Well, you had to know that I would drop in from time to time and buy crazy bread just to chat and flirt. We had detailed conversations about our lives and more importantly what was happening right now.
Our first conversation was months ago about how the old pizzas were square and you are from TX.
I CANNOT believe I am posting this ad, but can't think of another way to say hello. We need to talk :)
Reply with my hair color or some other detail... can't wait to hear from you.

I have to admit that this one made me swoon just a little:

Call me crazy!! It's been years and I still smell your skin every time I close my eyes. I dream about seeing you and having some kind of relationship with you all the time. Even if it's just texting. I always think of you and what I would say to you if I could see you alone just one more time. I know I would tell you that if you miss me half as bad as miss you I am so sorry! I always knew letting you go would hurt so bad, but even knowing I still had no clue it was like this! Even though I believe we are soul mates I could never live with myself by splitting either of our families apart. I hope you forgive me! Your still beautiful! I still love you! I always remember one of the last things you said to me was, "we never had the chance to make love in the rain!" Anyway, I'll go for now and maybe you will see this and know who I am. Maybe.

I don't know if any of these missed connections will ever actually connect, but at least we helped them out a little bit.