I absolutely love the Warrick Humane Society. They do such an amazing job of taking in animals from not only Warrick County but from around the tri-state and beyond. They house and care for them until a home can be found. The people at WHS don't get a break. You can't say, sorry doggos - it's Christmas. You won't eat or potty today.

The Warrick Humane Society has also housed and rehomed numerous animals from hoarding and abuse cases. One such case was Pearl. Warning, the video is graphic but it's a great reminder of why they are such a worthy recipient of your donations.

WARNING: Graphic Content
As we head into Giving Tuesday we wanted to have some frank discussions how you are directly impacting the lives of Rescue Animals at WHS with your Donations. Meet Pearl. This sweet girl has had a hard journey as one of 100 animals found in a local hoarding case. Not only was she living in foul & unsafe conditions she was also suffering from some major medical issues. With a mouth full of broken teeth, a severe skin infection, & a gaping hole in her top gum line. WHS Staff Member Hannah was so concerned about her she Fostered her in their home to oversee her care. Pearl made herself right at home feeling safe for the first time in her life. Pearl decided that Hannah was her person who was happy to oblige & adopt Pearl.
Because of your ongoing support WHS can take on cases like Pearl. So on this Giving Tuesday we ask that you please consider Supporting WHS to help us continue our work in the Rescue Community.

For my job, I follow several local humane societies and animal controls. Many of them are not lucky enough to be no-kill. There simply isn't the space or money to fund keeping the pets alive for more than a few days. It's completely heartbreaking to see a puppy or kitten on Facebook that's "out of time." But it's a cold reality.

I've adopted two pets from the WHS and both were fantastic finds and part of the pack now. Adopting from WHS saves two lives - the pet you are adopting and the one who takes its place. Consider adopting or donating today.


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