Over the weekend a couple dumped a dog at Warrick County Animal Control, and they're looking for information.

Warrick county Animal Control
Warrick county Animal Control

UPDATE September 17th @ 11:50AM: According to Warrick County Animal Control, these two have been identified. Thank you for sharing this story and helping Warrick County AC out! 

Original story:

Dumping animals is illegal, even if you do it at Animal Control.  It is free for AC to take in dogs and cats, so there's no reason to dump them. This dog was dumped on Saturday 9/14 a little after 4PM.  The couple arrives in a red 4-door car, take the dog out and put it in a pin.  The dog is a small/mid size black and white dog.

On Saturday 9/14/2019 at a little after 4pm these people illegally dumped a dog at Warrick Animal Control. Please help us in identifying these people. Contact Animal Control with any info at 812-897-6107. Dumping an animal is illegal and a sign was posted as such. We are not posting this so people can make excuses as to why they think this ok...IT is not ok. This is not up for debate. If you care to call we can give you a laundry list of reasons why it is wrong. When you care for as many animals as we do and are responsible for the publics pets and keeping them healthy people like this that disregard the laws and protocol put the publics dogs in danger. We have strict protocols on what dogs can go out and spend money on making sure they are healthy. We are sharing this so we can send this case to the prosecutors office and charge the people with cruelty/abandonment to animals. We hope you can understand our position.

Check out the video below and if you have any information that may help identify these individuals please contact Warrick County Animal control at (812)897-6107.

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