I learned this lesson the hard way. See that little fire in our microwave? That's what's left of my much coveted surgical mask. You know-the little blue paper one that the doctors and nurses wear at the hospital? They have been much in demand recently to protect the wearer from Coronavirus. After you have worn it-how do you clean it to wear again?

What you do NOT do is put it in the microwave. I mean-it's paper right? So I put mine in the microwave and set it for 30 seconds. Immediately it burst into flame as you can see. Our microwave lit up like the Toyota plant at retooling time. What I learned after the fire died down is there are some thin metal wires in the mask to make it fit better. Now all I have left of my mask is a few little burned black wires.

burned wire

Don't try this at home. Don't be like Bill. Be smarter.





As it turns out, there are a few little WIRES in the darn things to keep them snug against your face.

Now all I have is a little bunch of black wires. Don't be like Bill-be smarter.

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