The last time we saw Paul Bettany’s Vision he was, uh, getting torn to shreds by Thanos. Rest in peace, Vision.

But wait! Marvel’s first Disney+ series is here, and it’s called WandaVision, and Vision is one of the two leads along with Wanda Maximoff. How did that happen? The exact explanation for Vision’s mysterious resurrection will surely be revealed by the end of WandaVision’s nine episode season, but we’ve already got some theories.

In the video below, ScreenCrush’s Ryan Arey breaks down the most obvious way Vision could be back, and it all involves two magic words: Infinity Stones. We know that Wanda Maximoff has a very special connection to the Stones. Although her powers look like the red energy of the Reality Stone, she’s also exhibited elements of all six Infinity Stones. And we also know that all the Stones are linked together in some way. Watch the video below so we see how all these puzzle pieces might fit together:

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