Walmart will be releasing an annual subscription-based membership comparable to Amazon Prime later this month.

The program, Walmart+, is a direct response to one of its biggest competitors, Amazon and their Amazon Prime membership. Walmart promises a cheaper membership service than Amazon offers. The new service will cost $98 per year, or $12.95 per month, compared to the $119 per year Prime subscription.

The price isn't the only difference that you will see between the two services.

With Amazon Prime, as you know, you get free prime shipping, movies, music, photo storage, etc. Along with free shipping, Amazon also promises two day shipping for Prime members. Walmart+ plans to do one better. Acording to,

Walmart+ members will get access to unlimited free delivery on more than 160,000 items, from groceries and toiletries to toys and electronics, which will be delivered to their doorsteps as soon as the same day. To qualify, orders must be at least $35.

While you don't get streaming services on Walmart+ like you do with Amazon music and video, Walmart+ offers other incentives that you might be interested in.The Walmart+ membership also features fuel discounts of up to 5 cents per gallon at Walmart, Murphy USA, and Murphy Express gas stations.

The benefits that members receive with Walmart+ are in addition to the retailer’s existing offerings such as free curbside pickup, NextDay Delivery, and two-day delivery. Walmart will be offering a 15-day free trial to Walmart+ membership and says that they plan to add more perks to the membership in the future, according to

Walmart+ is expected to launch on September 15th.

All that being said, is Walmart+ something that you would be interested in purchasing? Would it make shopping for groceries, etc. easier on you and your family?

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