Sometimes it seems like all we hear about in the news is negative. Especially right now in a political season and during a global pandemic the headlines can often make us cringe but today I saw something on social media that I knew was exactly what we all needed to see and read about  to break up that negativity.

While scrolling through, I noticed that the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Department shared a message and photo that they received from a motorist traveling through the county. In the message, the woman offers a "shout out" to one of the deputies who helped her and her husband to change a tire when they found themselves on the side of I-69. In the message, the woman says,

Shout out to Officer Henehan that assisted us in a flat tire on I-69. He parked behind us with his lights on so that traffic would merge, got the spire tire out by himself and helped my husband change the tire. He was so polite and very dirty when he was done! Please share this because he was awesome!! Thank you officer!!

It is always nice when we can highlight something positive and this definitely made us smile. While some may say that this deputy was 'just doing his job,' it's clear that he went above and beyond to make sure that these motorists were safe and back on the rode as quickly as possible.

Way to go Deputy Henehan! Thank you for all you do for Vanderburgh County.

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