Whether you have ever enjoyed a shaved ice from Evansville's Roy Boy's or not, you have very likely driven by and seen their lime-green, vintage 1973 Volkswagen Bus sitting next to the shaved ice shop. It sits vibrantly near the intersection of Green River Road and Morgan Avenue in the southeastern portion of the Showplace Cinema parking lot.

That intersection is one of the busiest intersections in the city of Evansville with thousands of cars passing by every single day and we hope that the volume of traffic through the intersection is going to help the owners of Roy Boy's find the person responsible for the vandalism of their 1973 Volkswagen Bus.

Earlier this week, Roy Westine shared photos to social media of his family's VW bus and the destruction left behind by someone who clearly never learned to respect other people's property. In Roy's post, he explains how the restored, classic vehicle has stood beside the family's shaved ice shop for more than a decade, often being used as a backdrop for other family's photos as they enjoyed their shaved ice.

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The photos are really disheartening. For one, I'm a lover of classic cars and I know how difficult it can sometimes be to get replacement parts, especially for some of the more rare vehicles, making the damage all that more tragic. But perhaps, more importantly, this is disheartening to me because with everything we have all been through over the last year-plus, especially our small businesses, I want to believe that people have learned some kind of empathy and respect for others and clearly, that wasn't the case here. It makes me both sad and mad all at the same time. I can only imagine how Roy & his family must feel.

The Westine family is asking for the help of the community to identify the person or persons responsible for the damages. According to the social media post, they are offering a $1,000 cash reward. If you have any information regarding the vandalism, please contact the Evansville Police Department at 812-435-6194.

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