Hailing from Copenhagen and breaking metal boundaries worldwide since their formation in 2001, Volbeat are not a band that you want to miss when they make a pit stop in your town, especially when their tourmates for the evening are Black Stone Cherry and Monster Truck.

On April 24, there was a line out the gate and around the corner for the makeshift venue in Downtown Phoenix as the warm air surrounded fans waiting to get in to see some of their favorite bands. Monster Truck took the stage first, getting fans revved up with their soulful, and down 'n’ dirty, yet heavy rock and roll music. They were all over the stage and took command of the crowd, engaging concertgoers and leaving them begging for more. Their screaming guitars, drums and bass, mixed with gritty vocals left a clear impression on the audience and paved a path for the next band, Black Stone Cherry.

Opening with “Me and Mary Jane,” Black Stone Cherry got the crowd even more pumped, continuing on with the night of rock 'n’ roll and metal. Stopping to talk to the crowd every so often, the band killed it with their mixture of rough vocals, howling guitars, thumping bass and drums that were beyond comprehensive at times. Fans could be seen singing along, jumping up and down to the beat of the music as Black Stone Cherry continued on through their set.

Finally, as Black Stone Cherry finished, it was time for Volbeat to take the stage. A calm silence surrounded the crowd and it could be felt in the Downtown Phoenix air as the stagehands changed out the background for one that read Volbeat. Immediately, concertgoers began to cheer as the lights dimmed once again, and the familiar riff of Motorhead’s “Born to Raise Hell” could be heard as their opening music. Without missing a step, Volbeat then kicked things off with “Doc Holliday” from their 2013 album Outlaw Gentleman & Shady Ladies as the crowd went wild. Michael Poulsen’s caterwauling guitar and screaming vocals cut through while Rob Caggiano’s guitar riffed in tune with his and Jon Larsen’s double bass drums. Meanwhile, the band's bassist Kasper Boye Larsen held down the low end as he helps out on their 2016 touring.

The night continued on with Volbeat engaging the crowd and asking for audience participation, all the while playing songs like “Lola Montez,” “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown,” and “The Hangman’s Body Count.” The band even played a cover of the influential Johnny Cash, putting their own spin on “Ring of Fire” as the audience belted out the words along with them. By the end of the evening, the crowd was nothing but sweat and smiles as Volbeat finished their set with “Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood” from the album of the same name.

After a night infused with metal, rockabilly and good old fashioned rock ‘n roll, who could ask for anything more? The crowd left Downtown Phoenix with a feeling of satisfaction after absorbing the impressive display put on by all three acts. There was no better way to spend what would have been a lazy, Sunday night than watching three awesome bands put on one spectacular concert.

Check out our photos from the show in the gallery at the top of this post and look for Volbeat continuing their support of their upcoming Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie album at these stops.

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