A Kentucky family has rescued a gaggle of puppies and their documented journey will absolutely melt your heart.  We have it all right here.


Sam Ray is a local realtor here in Daviess County, Kentucky.  She is well-known for her love of and bravery with opossums.  She has rescued several and will walk right up, grab one, and snuggle it as if it was a teddy bear LOL!

Her most recent venture took her and her husband, Steve, to a county road where they came across several puppies in the road.  This is what happened;


@samanthajoray Although we had no plans of rescuing animals today, that’s exactly what happened. These 6 puppies are with us until we make sure they’re healthy and get them more socialized and used to being around people and other animals. It’s going to be a big job caring for 6 puppies in addition to the zoo of animals that are ours, but we have the space and the ability to…so we are. Too many times, people see something, but don’t say something. And out of those who say something, they don’t DO something. The saying should be, “See something…do something.” This family clearly needed help with these pups. But not just that, this family is still on my heart. I’m going to figure out a way to help with the momma dog and this sweet boy dog that I think is “dad.” I can’t stop there though, this family is elderly. This woman retired from a factory job and ended up having to go back to work to make ends meet. And her husband can’t get out of the house due to his disability. They clearly need more help so I’m going to come up with a plan to help them. VERY nice woman. #rescue#owensboro#owensborokentucky#puppies#serve#godshands#helpothers#love#animals#dog#adoptdontshop#spayandneuter♬ original sound - SamanthaJoRay


As with anything in life when Sam and her husband got the pups they didn't have plans to keep them but knew they needed to help them get on their feet and have a good start.  They took them to the vet and got some not-so-great news;


@samanthajoray Replying to @phunky2001 ♬ original sound - SamanthaJoRay


@samanthajorayYou guys have been so super nice. Thank you! We didn’t get the news we wanted today. These puppies are going to be okay though. They are so loved. The vet said if they wouldn’t have made it to the vet for care, the chances of their survival due to their health would’ve been slim. We will keep you guys posted. If you want to help financially, there’s Venmo info and PO Box info below in the comments. ❤️♬ original sound - SamanthaJoRay


@samanthajoray We have another one showing signs that Parvo is impacting him. So here’s an update. Thank you guys so much for the encouragement and prayers. These puppies are so full of love…taking care of them is a blessing. And you guys are making the vet bills more affordable. Thank you! ❤️ We will continue keeping our tribe updated. THANK YOU! #wearenottrainedrescuers#wejustloveanimals#rescue#dog#puppies#parvo#seesomethingdosomething#kentucky#puppylove#fyp♬ original sound - SamanthaJoRay
Willie and Ray Charles are off to have a vet stay and the rest of the crew are back at the Ray family's home.


The pups are growing and changing and so playful.  They have the best personalities even in the midst of all they have gone through as babies.

@samanthajorayJust wishing Ray Charles & Willie were with us. Keep praying for them. They’re in good hands at the vet. Dolly, Patsy, Conway & Waylon miss them.♬ That’s Just My Baby Doge - Chicky Milky

The pups are learning how to play and interact.  They love a doggie door and whoever does adopt them will be able to use one if that is part of their home plan.


@samanthajoray Day 5 Pupdate! #willie#waylon#dolly#conway#raycharles#patsy♬ original sound - SamanthaJoRay


Good news for the crew.  Sweet Willie and Ray Charles got to come home.

@samanthajoray More videos coming soon to show you Ray Charles at home! We recorded how the other pups reacted to him. ❤️ And Willie got to come home today! Your prayers worked!!! We’ll certainly be sharing that reunion too! But I wanted to get this info out here so you guys know exactly how your generous donations are being used. THANK YOU!! These pups are loved all around the nation. It’s so awesome. Never did we imagine so many people would be rooting for these Cutie Patooties! #wearsnotlrofessionalrescuers#justanimallovers#rescue#kentucky♬ original sound - SamanthaJoRay


@samanthajoray See how the crew responded when we brought home Ray Charles Friday and Willie home Saturday night! Ahhh it’s so nice having the crew altogether again. They’ve been playing all day today (Sunday) and RC & W are playing hard and eating & drinking a lot. Your prayers worked! THANK YOU! #dolly#patsy#willie#waylon#raycharles#conway#kentucky#wearenotprofessionalrescuers♬ Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love) - Waylon Jennings


@samanthajoray Replying to @brendapeace8trump1 Here’s a snippet of how he’s doing since he’s been home! He’s a TOTAL sweetheart!! Thank you for asking! #willie♬ Always On My Mind - Willie Nelson


Each pup has a different personality.  In this TikTok video really shows how fun they are when they are together.

@samanthajoray Replying to @trishac212 Here’s a video at normal speed so you can see their personalities. They’ve all changed so much. Now that they’re not focused on how they’re going to survive and where their next meal is coming from, they’ve really started showing their playfulness. Ray Charles and Conway are bullies at times to the others. Patsy & Dolly are SWEETHEARTS. Willie currently bites the hardest (glad that turd is feeling well enough to nibble on us) and Waylon is turning into quite a softie. ❤️ #willie#waylon#dolly#patsy#raycharles#conway#owensboro#kentucky#owensborokentucky#wearenotprofessionalrescuers#rescue#rescuedog#puppies#parvo♬ 9 to 5 - Dolly Parton


February 28 is a big day for everyone.  The pups get retested for parvo and if they are cleared they will begin learning to walk on leashes and also start the new journey of finding their forever homes.  It's a sweet thought to think they will meet the people that will love them forever.  Sam and Steve and all those following have been absolutely amazing.  Watching this journey just proves there are wonderful and kind people in this world.  
@samanthajoray February 28th is the big day for the babies to get tested for parvo again. Praying for negative tests for all. THEN we can start walking these babies all around our property & introduce them to our zoo. We can hardly wait! Once we get those negative test results, we’ll begin rehoming ASAP! Steve and I have started to talk about how we could possibly sort through everyone who wants a pup. It’s going to be so heartbreaking because so many of you want a puppy. We cannot thank you enough for the love & support! And no…we still haven’t decided if we’ll keep one. Adopting a puppy is a huge decision. Any new addition adds chaos to a household’s routine so we just want to be sure we make the right decision for our current babies too. Not sure our 6 and 9 year old big boys will want a puppy. We’ll see once we get to introduce them and see how they interact. #willie #waylon #dolly #patsy #raycharles #conway #kentucky #wearenotprofessionalrescuers #parvo ♬ Good Ol' Boys (Theme From the Dukes of Hazzard) - Live - Waylon Jennings

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