I love escape rooms as much as the next person, but I'm not sure I have the guts for this.

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Who is the Boogeyman?

The Boogeyman is a phrase I've heard ever since I was a kid. I remember hearing stories about bad kids who the boogeyman would "get." However, as a full-blown adult, I now wonder, what even is a boogeyman?


Thankfully Merriam Webster came through, here is the official definition of "boogeyman" from the dictionary:

1: a monstrous imaginary figure used in threatening children
2a terrifying or dreaded person or thing BUGBEAR

In Evansville, one escape room will have you come face to face with the boogeyman do you think you will survive?

Escape Room Meets Haunted House

Escape Evansville is known for a host of different escape room experiences at its location.  They offer everything from a superhero-themed escape room, to a wizard-in London-themed room, and even a rage room where you can let out your anger by breaking inanimate objects.  For the Halloween season, however, you may be interested in their viral "Survive" escape room where you have to literally survive attacks from the boogeyman while trying to figure out how to escape.


Here is what Escape Evansville has to say about the Survive room:

New Game! New Puzzles!
Hide, don't move and don't breathe... there's no escaping, just surviving. If you and your friends can find the hidden objects, outwit the boogie man and last 60 minutes, you win. If he gets you... you're out of the game for good!!!!

To find the dates and times of Escape Evansville's experiences, you can check out their website, here.

A Viral Escape Room

The Survival room is actually well-known all over the internet because it went super viral at the end of 2021. The Tik Tok video showing the Survive room in action has over 85 million views.

@escape_evansville If you move or make a sound in our SURVIVE room you die and have to leave… could you make it an hour? #fypシ #escaperoom #evansville ♬ Scary - Background Sounds


The video shows what happens when the boogeyman comes in.  Basically while trying to solve the puzzles so you can escape the room, you also have to hide whenever the boogeyman comes in because let's be honest, you don't want to figure out what happens when he finds you.

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