Gather around children, I have a little history lesson for you. Have you ever wondered how we communicated before there were text messages? We would scribble our thoughts onto a postcard for the world to read.

Postcards are usually short and sweet because there isn't a whole lot of room to write anything. You can still find postcards of course, but if you're like me you just get one to remember a trip, not to actually send to anyone.

There is quite the market for postcards on sites like eBay. They aren't selling for a lot of money, but there are plenty to choose from. It makes sense to look for new postcards, but it's kind of fun to seek out the used ones. If you can make heads or tales out of the handwriting, some of the messages seem kind of silly like, "Everything is fine here." That's it. The end of the postcard.

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Want to see amazing vintage postcards from Indiana? Keep scrolling for a full gallery.

I really wonder if all of the postcards I found actually got delivered because, in addition to the messy handwriting, a lot of them only have half addresses. Don't you have to have a zip code?

I'm sharing some of the more interesting ones in this gallery. You'll see what I meant about the addresses and messages that seem kind of strange to us. The coolest part is the vintage photos from across our beautiful state of Indiana. Watch for the very special postcards from Evansville, they are super cool!

Postcards from Indiana's Past Showcase the Weird and Wonderful

Apparently, there is quite a market for old postcards on eBay. I found some really interesting ones, some even have handwritten messages on them. Basically, postcards were the original text message.

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