Downtown Evansville will be playing host to the largest vintage bus rally in the country September 22nd - 24th.

Vintage Bus Garage Opens Its Doors To The Public
Jeff J Mitchell /Getty Images

The Vintage Bus Rally will be taking place at the recently remodeled Greyhound station in Downtown Evansville and will feature dozens of vintage and antique buses from as early as the 1940s. According to a press release from the event organizers, The Bus Boys:

“These are some of rarest and most-unusual operational buses from the United States, Canada, as well as one from England and one that served in Saudi Arabia”, said event co-organizer Stan Holter, of the Busboys Collection, a Minnesota-based nonprofit group that owns and operates the largest collection of operational vintage buses in North America.

One of the focal points of the show, besides the rare buses, will be the former Greyhound Bus Terminal. As a result of the extensive renovation the station appears, today, largely as it did in 1939. Bru Burger Bar, now anchors the facility, and will be highly utilized, during this event. The 78-year-old landmark bus station in Evansville is believed to be one of only two surviving examples of the Streamline Moderne  architecture adopted by Greyhound for its new terminals in the late 1930s.The design style features curving forms, long horizontal lines and nautical elements.

Aside from the eye candy and photo opportunities that the vintage buses will offer there will be a parade of buses beginning at 2pm on Sunday, September 24th.

To learn more, visit or visit their Facebook Event Page.

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