The Vanderburgh Humane Society isn't letting the cold weather slow them down.  While many of us were sitting inside preparing for the snow that was coming on Thursday, the VHS had many people hard at work assisting in the rescue of over 100 dogs from a Kentucky puppy mill.

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Puppy mills are large-scale breeding operations, where dogs are typically bred relentlessly until they can no longer breed.  The puppies are usually sold in pet stores or online.  This particular puppy mill was located around Louisville, and the Vanderburgh Humane Society teamed up with the Kentucky Humane Society, and the Bissell Pet Foundation to tackle this large-scale rescue.  The VHS ended up bringing 9 of the 100 dogs back to Evansville where they will be well taken care of, they'll be warm, and eventually, they'll be up for adoption where they will find their forever homes and never be forced to breed again.
Here's what VHS said about the rescue operation:

Yesterday, Kentucky Humane Society and BISSELL Pet Foundation contacted us about a case involving over 100 dogs removed from a puppy mill operation. We loaded our truck with crates and headed to Louisville to see how we could help. Last night, 9 of the rescued puppy mill dogs arrived safely at VHS, ready to begin their new lives!
Thanks, Kentucky Humane and BISSELL Pet Foundation Cathy Bissell for taking on this huge operation. We’re proud to do our small part to give 9 of them the lives they deserve.
We will give the dogs about a week to decompress, then start moving them up for adoption. We can’t wait to see them find their forever families
According to another post on the VHS Facebook page the dogs were matted and dirty, but most importantly they were at least healthy. I look forward to watching as these dogs end up in their forever homes. You can follow along with these dogs and their journies on the VHS Facebook page. Thanks for the work you do VHS!

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