Thanks to the generosity of the Tri-State and the care of the VHS, things are on the right track for the dog, but she still has a long road to recovery ahead of her.

On Sunday (September 5th), the Vanderburgh Humane Society shared the photo above of a dog they named Blue after the Blue Grass Fish and Wildlife Area in Elberfeld where she was found wandering by a concerned resident. According to the post shared on the VHS Facebook page, Blue was "suffering from severe mange and visible wounds," and they were in the process of treating her infections. In addition to telling Blue's story, they asked for monetary donations to help cover the cost of her care.

As usual, the Tri-State responded.

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As of this writing (Friday, September 10th), the shelter has received $6,668 dollars in donations for Blue and shared an update on her progress Blue in a new Facebook post. According to the update, Blue is responding well to the antibiotics she's been given. Her infections and sunburned skin are starting to heal, and veterinarians with the VHS are waiting on the results of her blood work to see what other possible health issues she may have beyond the visible wounds, sunburned skin, and mange. A heart murmur was detected which they say "may require further diagnostics."

Here's how Blue looks today.

As you can see, she certainly seems to be more alert than she appeared to be in the photo shared on Sunday. The sunburn seems to be nearly gone from her skin, and it looks like the VHS was able to remove most of the mangled hair from her front legs.

While she's clearly not fully recovered, she certainly seems to be on her way thanks to the effort of the VHS and those who found it in their hearts to donate to her treatment. It will likely be a while, but hopefully the day will come when she can find a new home with a family who will give her the love and attention she deserves.

[Source: Vanderburgh Humane Society on Facebook]

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