A couple weeks back, those lucky enough to be inside Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con got to see brand-new footage of Tom Hardy’s VenomSony debuted the new trailer for the Comic-Con crowd, but the rest of us at home had to wait a little while longer for it to arrive online. Now it’s finally here with an even bigger look at Hardy’s transformation as the Spider-Man villain and a big reveal for Riz Ahmed’s character.

The new Venom trailer shows a lot more of Hardy’s alien symbiote and just how giant he looks when he picks up a helpless dude who’s about to become a late-night snack. The new footage also show’s off Ahmed’s character, who we previously thought was just a doctor named Carlton Drake conducting experiments at the organization Life Foundation. As the actor revealed at Comic-Con though, his Drake is actually the host of Riot, a symbiote from the comics, and the trailer shows Venom and Riot going head-to-head.

Most fans were expecting Carnage to be the film’s primary antagonist, rumored to be played by Woody Harrelson, but director Ruben Fleischer has yet to confirm it. Gotta save some surprises from the movie, right? Until then, enjoy Ahmed pronouncing symbiote correctly in the new trailer above!

Venom hits theaters on October 5.

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