This week, the first single from Vended, titled "Asylum," emerged online. Vended are the burgeoning rock band that features the sons of Slipknot's Corey Taylor and Shawn "Clown" Crahan — Griffin Taylor and Simon Crahan — on lead vocals and drums, respectively.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the track's driven by booming rhythms and loud guitars, hallmarks of the masked metal outfit to which Vended are most closely connected. Even the brisk tempo and sing-scream vocals of "Asylum" create a musical mood that can't help but resemble the elder Knots. But is it enough to make Vended stand out from the crowd?

Listen to "Asylum" down toward the bottom of this post.

Last year, Vended made their onstage debut at a show in Slipknot's hometown of Des Moines, Iowa, headlining a gig that also featured the acts Awakening Force and Faultmine. Griffin, having already exhibited his abilities as a natural showman as an onstage guest with his father's Stone Sour, gave an explosive performance, prowling around onstage while delivering a mix of deep, guttural barks and melodic singing.

Vended — who also count as band members guitarists Cole Espeland, Connor Grodzicki and bassist Jeramiah Pugh— will join Slipknot and others at Knotfest Iowa and Knotfest Los Angeles this fall. Visit Vended's official website at

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Vended, "Asylum"

Vended, "Asylum" Single Art

Vended 'Asylum' Single Art

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