If you've ever attempted weight loss, you know what an uphill battle it can be.  You also probably know how frustrating it can be to get all kinds of conflicting information.  What's the best way to get healthier?  How should you eat?  What should you look for on a nutrition label?  Well the Vanderburgh County Health Department is making it easier than ever to learn all of these important things.

The Vanderburgh County Health Department is hosting a free weight loss program for those who live or work in Vanderburgh county.  It's their Weigh Down Program, and if you decide to take part you will have to join in on the classes once a week for 5 weeks.

Here's what the VCHD website says about the Weigh Down Program:

Get healthy in the comfort of your own home. The Health Department is bringing our classes to you! Classes will be available on-demand or at your convenience. You will be paired with a personal health coach for weekly check-ins and support to help you stay accountable while never having to leave the house. Sign up today, by registering below.

They say the classes will be lecture style with weekly weigh-ins, and PowerPoint topics.  They'll be educational about healthy grocery shopping, nutrition label reading, stress management, and activity. You will need an accurate scale at home to weigh in, however if you don't have a scale reach out the the health department.

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