I have an out of state area code, so when I get calls from numbers that are the same as mine, it's a spam or robo call. Something similar is happening in Vanderburgh County. According to the sheriff's office, scammers are able to spoof local 812 numbers, making you more likely to answer it, and believe them.

It's never a good idea to give out your personal information, especially your social security number. If something sounds fishy, you can always just hang up and report it. It's a shame that people still want to take advantage of the pandemic that we're in.

Here's the statement from the Sheriff's Office:

The Sheriff's Office has received several complaints this week concerning a new twist on the popular Social Security scam. The scammers are caller-ID spoofing local phone numbers and claiming to be from the Evansville Social Security Administration office. The scammers claim they need to verify the victim's identity in order to ensure delivery of a "stimulus check". The initial call is automated, but pressing "1" to confirm will send you to a live person (the scammer) who asks for your name and social security number. All of the complaints have described the scammers as having a "strong" or "heavy" foreign accent.

The Social Security Administration DOES NOT call citizens to request data or verify personal information.

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