Outside of my hometown of Owensboro, I've probably been in Nashville, Tennessee more than any other city in the country. And why not?

I remember years ago when my family and I were visiting relatives in New Mexico and we casually mentioned we'd been in Nashville the week before we went out there. You should have seen the reactions. "Nashville? Really?" That's not what EVERYONE said, but it sums up the feeling.


If you don't live close to Music City like I do, it's a real treat to go to Nashville. It is, after all, an entertainment capital and mesmerizing to those who visit infrequently. Don't get me wrong; it's a real treat for ME to go to Nashville. But I live close by and can really go whenever I want.

And recently I've discovered new ways to enjoy Music City--ways that are far better than navigating Broadway and surrounding streets and avenues.

I've made myself a list and plan to start with a jaunt aboard the Old Town Trolley.


I took a Nashville trolley ride years ago, and it really does cast the city in a whole new light, regardless of how many times you visit. Hey, I just enjoyed riding the trolley; the iconic stops along the way were merely icing on the cake.


While the trolley is a great way to experience Music City, you might be interested in something with a little more, shall we say, ALTITUDE. How does a double decker bus excursion sound? Nashville's got 'em and they are always on the move. And the best part? They're open-air.

As you can see, you get way more than just DOWNTOWN Nashville on the Gray Line. Maybe this seems like the perfect way to take in Tennessee's ever-expanding capital city...


…Or maybe THIS does. Actually, it doesn't take a genius to get that, perhaps, a helicopter is the BEST way to see an entire metropolitan area. (First one who says, "I can see my house from here," is a rotten egg.)  If you don't have a fear of heights, this would make an excellent addition to a Nashville getaway.

If the friendly skies above Nashville aren't your cup of tea, let's get you back on the ground and into a golf cart.


I gotta tell you, I LOVE golf carts, and I don't even golf. But they've become just as frequently used AWAY from the links as they are ON them. The whole "golf cart culture" is one of my favorite parts of campsite communities, and they make for a PERFECT way to get up close and personal on a tour of Nashville.

That's one way to enjoy a Nashville "Joyride"; seeing the sights of Music City on a TRACTOR is another. Yes, I saved what I consider to be the wackiest touring vehicle for last.


No, I don't mean a bunch of tourists are going to crowd onto a John Deere or into its cab; you're going to be PULLED by one. Maybe you've been to tractor pull, but have you ever been to one in downtown Nashville?

Nashville never stops.

Back in the 80s, when I was in college, we'd go down there a lot, but Broadway and the rest of downtown was, well, a pig sty. I don't know exactly when the powers that be took a long look at what they had at their disposal, but maybe it was country music's big boom in the early 90s that brought them around. Whatever it was, I'm glad it happened.

Music City is a premiere destination for tourists around the world, and it's getting bigger and bigger.

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