TikTok has changed the way we all do things in life.  From simple hacks to crazy recipes we are learning life all over.  These dishwasher hacks will blow your mind.



Does your family use tons of cups?  Do they accumulate and you have no idea where half of them even came from?  Our house can't be the only one that uses more cups than we do any other dish in the house.  The problem isn't too many cups though it's when we go to load the dishwasher and the 24 oz. cups don't fit on the top shelf and then they take up the bottom section leaving no room for pots, pans, and large plates.

I was scrolling through social media and found a video that changed my life.   We often see things on a regular basis and tend to overlook stuff that is right in front of us.  Did you know there is an adjustment on most dishwashers that drops the top shelf down so you can add larger cups?!  YES!  Not all dishwashers have it but a lot do.  Check this out;


When you put your silverware in the dishwasher do you ever notice it doesn't come out clean?  Sometimes it has scratches or smudges on it and I don't know about anyone else but I usually just end up putting it back in the dishwasher because I don't want to eat off of it.  I found another hack that tells you to add a ball of aluminum foil to the utensil compartment and it shines your silverware.  The ball of foil doesn't actually go anywhere it apparently reacts with the chemicals in your dishwashing liquid and brings them out looking like a brand-new penny!

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