Thor: Love and Thunder gave us one of the all-time great Marvel villains: Gorr the God-Butcher, played by Christian Bale. But one of the things that is interesting about Gorr is how different he is from the ultimate Marvel Big Bad, Thanos. In fact, when you put them side by side and compare their motivations and actions you begin to see that really they represent the two different kinds of Marvel Cinematic Universe bad guys — and that all Marvel villains are really made in one of those two molds.

In our latest Thor video, we look at Thanos and Gorr and compare and contrast them both. Then we look at how they represent two archetypes of Marvel baddies that have been seen over and over again in the first four Phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Those who are acting out of concern for themselves, and those who are acting out of concern for others. To see who is who, and how just about every Marvel villain belongs to one of those two categories, watch below:

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