Last week's below-zero wind chills not only made doing anything outdoors impossible but also damaged homes and businesses with older plumbing as the frigid temperatures caused the water inside the pipes to freeze and expand, bursting pipes and leaving residents with significant water damage. Unfortunately, two Evansville non-profits found themselves in that situation, and they're hoping you can help them repair the damage.

Ark Crisis Children's Center and Aurora Seeking Donations for Repairs

Both the Ark Crisis Children's Center and Aurora find themselves needing to clean up the mess left behind after pipes burst at both locations. Ark Crisis shared the video below of the damage it's now facing on Facebook Tuesday morning while also announcing the center would be closed until the damage could be fixed and items could be replaced.

A representative with Ark provided more detail on the extent of the damage in response to a comment on the video saying they were still in the process of determining the extent of the damage and that three classrooms were affected, one of which was "completely destroyed." They went on to say everything in one of the rooms will need to be replaced.

Aurora, on the other hand, did not share any video or photos showing the damage they sustained, nor did they provide any details on the amount of damage they sustained. However, like Ark Crisis, they announced they would be "completely shut down" until the needed repairs were made.

How You Can Help Aurora and Ark Crisis Repair the Damage

If you would like to help either or both non-profit organizations, both are accepting monetary donations they will use to help cover the cost of the repairs and to replace items that were damaged.

Click here to donate to Ark Crisis Children's Center, and here to donate to Aurora.

[Sources: Ark Crisis Children's Center on Facebook / Aurora Evansville on Facebook]

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