Don't go spending your life savings on snack cakes just yet. Despite what certain rock DJ's might say, Twinkies are like to survives the Hostess bankruptcy. 

While the jobs of 18,000 people hang in the balance, company and union officials met today to hopefully reach an agreement in mediation talks. The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union has been striking against the company which has forced the company to seek liquidation.

With the fate of iconic snack foods in the balance, most experts are saying those brands may not fade away completely. Several buyers have expressed interest in buying assets of Hostess (which will includes brands like Wonder Bread, Ho-hos, and Twinkies among others).

This past weekend boxes of Twinkies went for high amounts on eBay. With some sellers asking around $100 per box. The local Hostess outlet store, on Covert Avenue here in Evansville, has seen a run on its stock of snack cakes since the bankruptcy was announced.

Recipes have also been posted, just in case a worst case scenario is played out and Twinkies are gone forever. Now you can make your favorite snack food at home.

But the way things are going, Twinkies are going to be around well after the apocalypse. Just keep your fingers crossed.