Headed into Henderson from Evansville? The southbound lanes are being split near Ellis Park and it's more than a little confusing! Find out which fork to take in the road if you're commuting.

Eyewitness News WEHT WTVW via Facebook

The southbound lanes of highway 41 are being split right around Ellis Park. If you commute between Evansville and Henderson, this may get a little confusing. According to our friends at Eyewitness News WEHT WTVW, the lane split is intended to be used a specific way, with specific traffic taking a specific fork in the split. According to a Facebook post (seen below) from WEHT/WTVW, heavy trucks are suppose to take the right fork and should be the only traffic on the southbound twin bridge. All other traffic - cars, trucks, suvs - should be using the left fork and will be rerouted onto the northbound twin bridge. At this point construction on or near the Twin Bridges is par for the course, but this one seems a bit confusing. Allow yourself some extra travel time, be aware, use caution and stay safe!