Thankfully this has absolutely nothing to do with that God awful series of movies. In fact this is quite a good thing, an awesome thing in fact. What it means is that Mesker Park Zoo will have extended hours tonight, and for the next several Tuesdays.

I took my family out to the Mesker Park Zoo last week for the first Twilight Tuesday, and it honestly was one of the best times we've had at our beautiful zoo. As the sun began to set the weather was absolutely perfect - just the right amount of sunlight, with plenty of shade and the most pleasant breeze. And we've never seen the animals more active. Thanks to Pam, our tram driver, we learned about the newest additions to the zoo, the Mexican wolves and  the red panda. And my kids and I had the best time interacting with a couple different groups of monkeys.

We had the chance to speak to a few zoo employees who were just thrilled about the extended hours. We all agreed this is way overdue, but it won't be a permanent change...yet. Twilight Tuesdays are currently set for every Tuesday in August. The gates will stay open until 7pm tonight and once you're in, you can stay at the zoo until 8pm.

I really do encourage you to get out and enjoy the zoo tonight and to help spread the word!

(Mesker Park Zoo-Facebook)