Let's be honest, cooking  a turkey is a big undertaking.  This helpline will answer any questions you may have.

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For many families, the turkey is the main course of a traditional Thanksgiving meal, which can put a lot of pressure on the person doing the cooking. It's almost a right of passage when you get the chance to cook the Thanksgiving turkey. It's an honor that you don't want to mess up, but let's be honest cooking a big bird (not to be confused with the bird named Big Bird) can be quite complicated, not to mention time consuming.

So that's where the turkey helpline comes in! Jennie-O has set up a free turkey helpline. It's open now through December 1st, and it's a way to help you with any turkey problems you may run into during the cooking process. The hotline number is easy to remember, 1-800-Turkey.

According to Hormel foods (who own Jennie-O) the turkey helpline can help hosts and guests alike. Curious what wine to pair with your Thanksgiving meal?  They can help with that. Want to know the best technique for cooking your turkey?  They can help with that too! The helpline is open 8AM-4PM CT. Go fourth and cook your turkey in confidence!


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