It's been a while since there's been a public beef in the rock and metal scene, but Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto got things rolling over the weekend with All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte. Gregoletto started the back and forth, pointing out Doc Coyle's tweet about Labonte's appearance on InfoWars talking about the gun control issue and stating, "Stick to this and not music @philthatremains."

After a response on Twitter from a follower named Joe who stated, "Pffft. Says the dude who plays bass in Trivium... #irrelevant #triviumBLOWS," Gregoletto was quick to point out "Sold out 95% of our last tour in America. 40,000 tickets to be exact - impressive." That got Labonte engaged, with the All That Remains singer adding, "I’m just happy Paolo has time to let us know how great he is."

From there, the back and forth began. "It’s too bad your shooting skills can’t help you hit those high notes," stated Gregoletto, with Labone returning, "Haha. I love it. I have a question, do think you’re punching down, or up?" "I don’t know. Go make a YouTube video about it and let me know," stated Gregoletto, so Labonte obliged.

Before Labonte turned around his clip, Gregoletto also returned fire to the follower who initially called Trivium irrelevant. "Well how else would I know how shitty your band is? I'm literally arguing with the most useless player of a terrible band.. my day sure went downhill," stated the follower named Joe, with Gregoletto responding with another dig at All That Remains, "Wait till you hear our country cover, Joe! Maybe you’ll like us then."

Labonte re-entered the discussion with the YouTube that Gregoletto asked for. He stated, “So last night, Paolo from Trivium decided that he wanted to let me know that he didn’t like us, or he didn’t like All That Remains. And so he goes and talks some smack about singing, talks some smack about how great their last tour was. And their last tour did great numbers -- to everyone involved, congratulations. You guys had a great tour; it’s something to be proud of. But Paolo, nobody went to see that tour because Paolo was there. Nobody cares. If you weren’t there and it was some other dude, that tour would have done the same thing. You’re the third most important guy in a four-man band that changes their fourth member every couple of years. Everyone knows Trivium is Matt [Heafy]. So jumping at me talking smack? Ain’t nobody calling you in the middle of the night saying, ‘Come save my tour.’ You didn’t write the hits for Trivium. You’ve been riding coattails. So here you go, Paolo. You wanted me to make a YouTube video about it? Here it is."

After a bit of a break in the action, a follower admitted he initially thought the beef was a joke, but stated that he felt both bands kicked ass and shouldn't argue because of a difference of opinion over politics. "I just want him to quit music and stick to politics," stated Gregoletto, with Labonte serving up a pair of emojis -- one of an eye roll and another one crying with laughter.

Gregoletto then unleashed a string of tweets, calling Labonte "the discount Jesse Leach," stating that All That Remains should fire him and hire a better singer. He added a string of hashtags before adding, "Phil sounds like a dog that ate an ash tray, chugged a red bull, and is trying to bark for help. Embarrassing!! PLEASE QUIT."

"TFW you’re the #3rdMostImportant person in a 4 piece and you got a little attention for punching up. So you do it some more," responded Labonte, with Gregoletto adding, "His insults are as bad as his lyrics! Hahahahaha."

Continuing to let Labonte have it, Gregoletto stated, "There aren’t enough backing tracks in the world to salvage that mess, geeeesh! Makes me appreciate being in a band with dudes that give a shit about their actual jobs and practice!"

The two traded more comments about whether Gregoletto was "punching up or punching down," and when Labonte questioned if the bassist's position had been purchased in the band in a deleted tweet, Gregoletto responded, "Shill Labonte is bought and paid for by Soros folks. Many people are saying it," which seemed to get a laugh out of Labonte who added, "This one I like."

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