Today (June17) Edna Faye (97) and Henry (99) Davis, of Grayville, IL, are celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary. I'm amazed by this milestone. I haven't been able to make it to 15 years! Either time! LOL

Take a look! Congratulations, love birds!! xo

This is their song....

Their daughter and granddaughter shared this with me.....

...they love watching the weather station, Bonanza and Little House on the Praire. They never go to bed without each other. Their love for each other is amazing.


The have a 19 yr old dog named Zoey that eats when they eat.

And they love Mexican food!


She's still the best ever! Love her apple pies. She is kind. Her favorite is...what is to be, will be. She loves everyone especially her dog.


She still wears lipstick and gets her hair done every Thursday. She was raised on a farm and worked as a beautician, also trained beauticians, in the area,  for many, many years.


She loves her kids and taught us how to be strong and love.

They farmed and he still goes to the farm everyday.


Love this so much!! Such an amazing couple! Happy Anniversary!

Send them an anniversary card!

Henry and Edna Davis
529 W. North St.
Granville, IL, 62844

A big thank you to Lacey for the heads up and Tess for the pics!! ((((HUG))))

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