Tribulation’s fifth album is upon us. The band will release Where the Gloom Becomes Sound in January 2021 via Metal Blade Records in North America and Century Media in the rest of the world.

It’s been five years since Tribulation broke out with their third studio album, The Children of the Night, masterfully blending black and psychedelic metal with gothic rock, following it up with the acclaimed Down Below in 2018.

"'Down, further down, Where the Gloom Becomes Sound...', Anna-Varney Cantodea once sang in a previous millennium, in a different world. And further down than Down Below we went with this one,” Tribulation write. “The album is a sombre one, filled with ghastly shadows and elemental magic - a mythological bestiarium vocabulum ranging from the desert sands to the midnight sun, from our murky prehistorical past to our potentially luminous futures, figuratively, literally and musically."

The band continues, "We worked together with producer Jamie Elton to create something wild and imaginative, something that would take the listener on a nightly adventure along with Fernand Khnopff's enigmatic sibyl on the cover and with all the gods and goddesses, nymphs and demons that we conjured up during the recording. As an icing on an already frosted cake we had the help of Tom Dalgety for the finishing touches."

Tribulation have also announced a European tour beginning in January 2021 with Bolzer and Molassess, if the COVID-19 pandemic permits.

"Now at summer's end in the near endless year of trials and tribulations that is 2020, after a touring hiatus and a new album in the so called, bag, we are very happy to announce that we are yet again about to trek across the ancient body of Europa - over her flesh and through her veins - the land where the sun ever sets. And as fortunate as we sometimes are, we will have both Bolzer and Molassess aiding us in spreading the gloom in each of the 20 cities we are visiting. At this point, we all need a little taste of Saturnalia, and as so, we encourage you all to join us in taking a step into the time before time, in illo tempore, and a step out of the profane everyday existence. Be open and let us possess you, at least for a night!"

Check out those tour dates below and stay tuned for more info on Where the Gloom Becomes Sound coming soon.

Tribulation, Where the Gloom Becomes Sound Artwork

Century Media / Metal Blade

Tribulation 2021 Tour Dates

Jan. 29 - Copenhagen (Denmark) - Pumpehuset
Jan. 30 - Hamburg (Germany) - Uebel & Gefährlich
Jan. 31 - Utrecht (The Netherlands) - De Helling
Feb. 2 - Vosselaar (Belgium) - Biebob
Feb. 3 - London (UK) - The Dome
Feb. 4 - Paris (France) - Petit Bain
Feb. 5 - Milan (Italy) - Slaughter Club
Feb. 6 - Bern (Switzerland) - Dachstock
Feb. 7 - Essen (Germany) - Turock
Feb. 9 - Heidelberg (Germany) - Halle 2
Feb. 10 - Munich (Germany) - Technikum
Feb. 11 - Krakow (Poland) - Kwadrat
Feb. 12 - Prague (Czech Republic) - Nova Chmelnice
Feb. 13 - Vienna (Austria) - Szene
Feb. 14 - Budapest (Hungary) - A38
Feb. 16 - Berlin (Germany) - Columbia Theater
Feb. 17 - Malmö (Sweden) - Babel
Feb. 18 - Oslo (Norway) - Parkteatret
Feb. 19 - Gothenburg (Sweden) - Valand
Feb. 20 - Stockholm (Sweden) - Slaktkyrkan

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