Thanks to the well-known generosity of the Tri-State, the American Red Cross will have the ability to continue assisting victims of Hurricane Florence.

103 BF, along with every media outlet in the Tri-State, teamed with the Red Cross for a 12 and a half hour Mediathon on Wednesday with a goal of raising as much money as possible to help those hit hard by the storm in North and South Carolina who have a long, tough road ahead of them as they begin the rebuilding process.

When all was said and done, a whopping $25,858 was raised which will go a long way in providing relief in the form of food, water, hygiene products, and sending volunteers into that area to lend a helping hand.

This is just yet another great example of how the Tri-State comes together to help those in need whether they're right here in our area, or a thousand miles away. From all of us here at 103 GBF, THANK YOU!

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