Halloween isn't just for kids.  Many adults get into the fun of dressing up.  Several Tri-State folks have shared their past and present Halloween costumes and they're a complete sweet treat.

It seems since the days of Hocus Pocus when Max and Danni's parents' got all decked out to go to the town hall for a costume party on Halloween Night other parents have followed their lead.  Maybe parents were dressing up more before that but I don't much remember any of my friends' parents going all out.

We asked our friends all over the Tri-State to share their Adult Halloween costumes with us.  It is super fun to watch how creative everyone gets.  Some costumes are over the top and others are just completely creative.  Each year you'll have couples come as popular movie characters of that year or maybe a specific show.  While many go for the more practical costumes like Squints & Wendy from the Sandlot or Cops & Robbers.

There are a few couples that have been dressing up for years and have careered their costumes every single year and we are sharing some of those with you too.  One of my all-time favorite costumes would have to be Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin or the women who dress up as tigers.  Those are hilarious.

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My friend Barbie and her husband Tom (A.K.A Linda) dressed up as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth one year and it was the absolute best.

We want to see your adult costumes.  Head to the WBKR Facebook Page and share a photo with us.

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