Scott Waldman is back again, this time with a survey of the 10 bands that he and a guest, guitarist Marc Juliano of the band Goalkeeper, think are the best currently active rock acts from the United Kingdom.

For those unfamiliar with Waldman's rankings — or his antics — he's an artist manager and a musician in his own right under the guise of the nerd-rock outfit Lido Beach. He frequently contributes to Loudwire's pages, often in the form of conversations between him and another musically inclined friend, and almost always with plenty of zany if not insightful observations.

So, without further ado, we'll let Waldman and Juliano take it away. They've come up with five U.K. outfits apiece to make up the total double-digit ranking. Be sure to check out Goalkeeper at and Waldman's management website at

Hello again, I hope you all are having a not-so-sticky summer. In case you weren't aware, I love, love, love the United Kingdom. I also love, love (loathe?) the band Goalkeeper and their wonderful, brilliant guitarist Marc Juliano, who, on a really cool note, is also a therapist. (Who needs therapy more than pop-punk bands, amirite?) He loves the U.K. too, so we chatted and came up with our Top 10 bands active in the country right now — fives bands each. (P.S. Goalkeeper is headed to Booze Cruise Festival in Bristol, England, in June 2022.) –Scott Waldman

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