Maybe it’s because Christopher Nolan remains so obstinate about releasing his films in movie theaters first — even in the midst of a raging global pandemic — but people seem to delight in watching his latest thriller, Tenet, on the weirdest, smallest screens they can find. Previously, we brought you the story of the person who uploaded Tenet onto tiny cartridges so they could watch it in heavily pixelated form on a Game Boy Advance. Now we bring you an even more unwieldy, more extreme way someone’s watched Tenet: On a toilet seat.

And no, that doesn’t mean they sat on a toilet and watched it on a phone — they actually watched the film as projected by a toilet seat. Twitter user Bertrand Fan tweeted that he was “Watching Tenet on [his] toilet seat, as Christoper Nolan intended.” Fan’s toilet has a tiny blue light inside the seat, so he built a custom 3D printed piece that could play Tenet and fit it inside the space for that blue light.

See the results for yourself below. We guarantee you’ll be bowled over:

I’ve seen movies with s—y projection before, but never quite so literally.

The only thing more impressive than the engineering and ingenuity here is the massive scale of the trolling involved. Next, we’d like someone to make a toilet that can project a movie and play it backwards, so we can watch Memento in reverse order. Oh man, Christopher Nolan would really not like that.

If you don’t have a magical movie toilet, you can watch Tenet on HBO Max starting on May 1.

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