I guess they really do have a "day" for everything. Sometimes a day can be two or three different "days". Well according to one source, today is Wiffle Ball Day. And man has wiffle ball changed since my day.

I grew up in a baseball house...and I was a baseball player. That was without a doubt the main sport in our life. I might have dabbled in other sports, but baseball was (and still is) my thing. And that meant that during the summertime my buddies and I were always playing wiffle ball. And I thought I was a pretty decent wiffle ball player...over 20 years ago. Today's version of wiffle ball looks nothing like the version I played. I thought I was cool when I could cover up some of the holes on the ball and make it curve one way or the other. But my pitching skills look absolutely pathetic compared to today's wiffle ball pitchers.

If you've never seen a "modern day" wiffle ball pitcher, prepare to be amazed. The first video is from ESPN and kind of explains some of the different pitches. The second video is a kid throwing a plastic wiffle ball over 100mph. Just mind-blowing!

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