If you've ever wanted to mark conquering a Toboggan Run off your bucket list you're in luck.  We found a State Park in Indiana that has one of only two Toboggan Runs in the whole Midwest.

Pokagon State Park is very close to Angola, Indiana, is a pretty good drive from the Tristate but the perfect distance for a road trip.

Can you imagine hopping into the Toboggan and zipping down the hill at high speeds?  Such a rush!  Almost like riding a roller coaster no one is controlling.

In 1935 Toboggan Run was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps Company for their own pleasure.  The original design has a few curves but was eventually remodeled to give riders a lot more speed.  As time moved on the run was given a facelift with a taller tower and they even added another track.

Over the years wear and tear took over the tracks and they had to be redone.  In 1971 the tracks became refrigerated and are still run this way today.  The newest track was opened on Thanksgiving of 1986.  The refrigerated tracks can run in warm or cold temperatures.

When the track was first opened rides on Toboggan run were just 5 cents.  For the small price of $13 you could grab three of your best friends and ride all day long.  I can't think of anything I could do for $13 with my friends in this day and time.

Toboggan Run will open Friday, November 27, and run through the winter season until Sunday, February 28.


Make sure you're ready for a great leg workout and a good time.  Those sleds are no joke pulling back up the hill.


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