Every year, I take a day off work to go Christmas shopping. I learned a LONG time ago that if I try to do it on a weekend or after work, it just STRESSES me out. So, I save a vacation day and use it on a random Monday to get the dirty deeds out of the way.

Everything was very pleasant. The people I encountered were joyous - one lady even saw me struggling with a rogue roll of wrapping paper and said, "Hey sis, let me help you!" Sis... we connected. Thanks, lady!

Then, my whirlwind of Christmas joy was temporarily snatched from my gingerbread latte laden fingers.

One of my biggest pet peeves (throughout the year) is people who do not wait for you to back out of a parking spot - they go around your vehicle even when you are halfway out of the spot and still moving. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY.

Hello? Do you want me to hit you? I CANNOT SEE YOU until you are DIRECTLY behind me because I have ginormous Escalades and Tahoes on either side of me! I can't see you!

So, this happened to me on Monday. The driver of a black Ford Explorer just decided to scoot around me while I was literally halfway out of my Target parking spot. My rear sensors went crazy - I slammed on my brakes and looked in amazement at who would drive around someone who was HALFWAY out of a SPOT. To my surprise, a girl who was in the back seat flung her door open and proceeded to yell obscenities at me.

Wait... Did I miss something?

When did it become okay to do this? When did it become acceptable to put your nice truck behind a moving vehicle - where the driver obviously can't see you? And, even if it was my mistake, if I just somehow accidentally missed your giant vehicle in my blind spot, when did it become okay to yell F-U to people? It's not like I was purposefully running you down, in reverse, at Target, during holiday traffic!

So, I did what any good Christian woman would do. I had a bit of a cussfest internally and then gave her a mental "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" in the hopes that she finds the true meaning of Christmas in her heart soon. Then I realized that I wasn't holding up my values. I was being Grinchy! So, I asked forgiveness for my moment of unpleasantness. I might not have yelled it at her but I felt it and I needed a dose of my own medicine.

If she's reading this... I do wish you a very merry Christmas and hope that someday we can laugh about this! But you did scare the crap out of me yesterday!

And, please remember... #savethechristmasspirit - just wait the extra five seconds for someone to back out of a parking spot and if things get hairy on the road - share the love, not the hate! :)

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