Rage Against the Machine / Audioslave / Prophets of Rage bassist Tim Commerford’s marriage has come to an end after 17 years. According to The Blast, Aleece Commerford filed divorce papers on Nov. 28 in Los Angeles County.

Tim and Aleece were married in 2001 and have two sons together, Xavier and Quentin. Aleece is reportedly asking for physical custody of both children and seeking spousal support from the bassist.

Tim Commerford offered a statement to the press earlier today (Nov. 30) commenting on the divorce for the first time:

After 17 years of marriage to Aleece Dimas, I am saddened to announce our divorce. This decision was made after much careful thought and consideration. I want to send my deepest appreciation to my family and friends who have supported us through these changes. We remain committed and loving parents to our two boys. Our family asks in advance for your kindness and sensitivity at this difficult time.

Along with the aforementioned bands, Tim Commerford also released an album with Future User, SteroidsOrHeroin, in 2015 and the self-titled debut of WAKRAT in 2016. His most recent release is Prophets of Rage’s 2017 debut.

Prophets of Rage currently have just one tour date announced for 2019; a performance at Austria’s FM4 Frequency Festival in August. However, Commerford is also expected to take the stage with his Audioslave bandmates at the "I Am the Highway: Chris Cornell" tribute concert in Los Angeles Jan. 16 at the Forum.

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