On Sunday, many viewers were mad that the Linkin Park's MTV VMA tribute got cut off because of commercials. Well, I'm here to fix that.


So here's what you missed if you didn't watch the MTV VMA's this year: Jared Leto made an amazing speech in tribute to Chester Bennington (with a nice shout-out to Chris Cornell) and you can watch that here. After his speech MTV was supposed to play Linkin Park's 2010 VMA performance of "The Catalyst", and they did......for about 13 seconds. It was then cut off due to commercials.


Fans were not happy. I was not happy. No one was happy.


And what makes this even worse? While Linkin Park's 2010 VMA performance of "The Catalyst" from the Griffith Observatory was memorable, it is very hard to find online. You can find fan videos of their practice for the VMA's, but not the actual performance itself. Which makes MTV cutting the performance short hurt that much worse.


But there is good news. Linkin Park performed "The Catalyst" at the MTV EMA's (the Europe Music Awards) in Madrid later that very same year and THAT performance IS online and totally epic. (Dare I say, even better than the VMA performance.)



"God bless us everyone,
We're a broken people living under loaded gun.
And it can't be outfought,
It can't be outdone,
It can't be outmatched,
It can't be outrun.


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