Not all back to school photos are glamorous.

Every time I see someone on Facebook posting a picture of their kids "back to school" photo it's usually the kid nicely dressed and ready for school, posed outside their house.

That is NOT an accurate representation of what going back to school is like.

The first day back to school is the struggliest struggle bus you've ever been on. It's the longest day of your life. And it's exhausting.

So, I present to you: Chynna's 2nd Grade "Back to School" Photo.

Chynna Hall, age 7. Done with the day already.

There is no fun to be had here.

Bed head. Jammies. Refusing to get out of my blanket of comfort and warmth.

Look at that window. THE SUN ISN'T EVEN UP YET. So why am I??

Even my cat is like "Why the f*** am I awake right now?"

This is what going back to school is like. You have to get up super early. Your mom is going to dress you like you're a ventriloquist dummy because your body is not awake enough to function like that. You sleep on the way to school. And don't really become coherent until the middle of your second class.

THAT'S a true going back to school look.