Today would have been Amy's 34th Birthday. Let's celebrate that with a look back at her amazing style and voice.


No matter what genre of music you like (rock, hip-hop, country, Top 40...) you have got to admit that Amy Winehouse had a voice that everyone could appreciate. It was just...the only word I can think for it is classic. She had a sort of 1940-1960s croon that she made work in the 21st century.


Not only did she have a big voice, but she had a big mouth too. She always spoke her mind and was never "professional", but she was always "Amy". She never "faked it" to be PC about anything. If she didn't like something, she told you.




And while her life and career kind of centered around her drug and alcohol problem, the reason we liked and loved her so much was because she had talent. Genuine talent. And despite her problems, we were rooting for her. Everytime she went back into rehab (after a while she did stop saying "no, no, no") we would be like "Yes! You go girl! Get yourself healthy!"



She was just the type of person you wanted to root for. You wanted to see her succeed.



She made over-the-top winged eye liner, cocktail dresses, and beehives look good. And made music sound even better.


Happy 34th Birthday, Amy! We miss you.




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