Thor Ragnarok summed up in two words: Hela fun. I mean, a LOT of death....but fun.

I always find it really hard to write a review of a movie that I like. If I "sort of" like a movie, a least I can give the movie critiques in my review. But I really liked this movie, which means instead of giving critiques, I really just want to tell you everything that happens. But that would be giving away spoilers. And also, the entirety of the movie...

So let me try to get through this review without being as spoilery as possible.

The movie starts very fast paced and comedy heavy. I was sitting there for the first 10-20 minutes not being able to blink because I thought I would miss something. But I did start to think to myself "Is this all the movie is going to be? Fast paced plot information, sharp scene cuts for comedic effect, and just straight up comedy?" But when you get more into the movie it slows down, and you find out that the comedy in the beginning was actually a buffer for all of the awful things you are about to see.

I mean, the villain of the movie is the goddess of death. Did you think everyone would make it out alive in this movie? So the comedy is there to help you to not become depressed after seeing a LOT of people get crossed off the list for "appearing in Infinity War". It's like a comedy comfort blanket.

The movie goes: Comedy, comedy, comedy, comedy, sad, comedy, comedy, HORRIBLE DEATHS, comedy, MORE DEATH, comedy, comedy, comedy....

See what I mean? Comedy blanket.

Also, there are a lot of awesome cameos. Of course we always get our Stan Lee cameo, but there are some other cameos that I will not mention because I don't want to ruin it. Just be on the lookout.

The one thing I didn't like about the movie was how fast paced it was in the beginning, as I said earlier. And I don't mean "fast paced" as in 'action'. I mean that the dialogue is very fast and they throw a lot of information at you from the get-go and continually throughout the movie.

Another thing I noticed was that I'm pretty sure they were going for the world record of "How many times can we play Led Zeppelins "Immigrant Song" in one movie before it gets annoying?" (Honestly, they couldn't have kept going for a few more plays, I was enjoying it. But it was used WAY more than it probably should have.)

And at one point, Loki is in a black suit and all I could think was "Oh my god, he looks like Tommy Wiseau from 'The Room'" and I couldn't unsee that for the rest of the movie. Which isn't exactly a bad thing. It gave me more giggles.

One complaint I heard in the movie theater from someone was "Too much CGI". But, to be fair, the movie takes place on alien planets. It's kind of hard to find a real place on Earth that looks like an alien planet in space. Also a lot of the fight scenes involve gods that have super human abilities. They aren't going to actually make Chris Hemsworth jump through a window and onto various alien buildings all the way down. Or actually jump on real moving space ships in the sky. There are so many safety hazards there. And I'm sorry to spoil this for you, but the Hulk? ....Not real. I KNOW. I KNOW. It took me a while to process that information too.

Sometimes CGI is necessary. (But I will admit, there was A LOT.)


Character Descriptions:

Thor: God of Thunder.

Hela: Godess of Death. Really mad about being imprisoned for so long. Also, you took her dog from her. Not cool.

Loki: Still the sassiest of little sh*ts.

The Grandmaster: Doesn't like the word "slaves". Prefers "prisoner with jobs".

Valkyrie/142: The coolest alcoholic since Tony Stark.

Hulk: Super happy on this weird planet.

Bruce Banner: Super freaking out on this weird planet.

Korg: The most innocent rock monster. Precious. Protect him at all costs.


All in all, it was a bold move to make a movie whose entire concept is "The End of Days" and make it a comedy. But despite that (and the smorgasbord of death) it is a movie that is fun for the whole family.

Especially if you go dressed up.

Chynna Hall
Chynna Hall


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