If you had told me earlier this year that Thor: Ragnarok would outgross Spider-Man: Homecoming — or that any Thor movie would do better than any Spider-Man movie, for that matter, or even come close — I’d have scoffed. Scoffed! “Really? Thor 3? Have you seen the first two?” I’d have said, with utter certainty.

But apparently that may very well happen, if Fandango’s pre-sales ticketing numbers are a good indicator. According to Variety, Thor: Ragnarok is “currently out-selling Spider-Man: Homecoming at a similar point in its sales cycle.” The online ticket-selling giant also surveyed over 1,000 moviegoers and found that “97 percent of those polled were excited to see the interactions between Thor and the Hulk, 89 percent were looking forward to the funnier storyline, and 88 percent were primed to see [Cate] Blanchett.” So yeah, people are really pumped up for this one.

Could Ragnarok actually top Homecoming? It’ll be tough, but it’s certainly possible. Homecoming took in $117 million its opening weekend and finished with a $333 million domestic run, making it number four overall at the box office in 2017. Landing in theaters this Friday, Ragnarok is currently on pace for a $100–$118 million opening, right in line with Homecoming‘s debut.

The Norse God of Thunder’s third onscreen solo adventure has been buoyed by some delightful trailers and impeccable reviews (read our review here) putting it at 96 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, which would make it the best-reviewed Marvel movie of all time. It helps that it’s also got a whole lotta Hulk and Loki, plus the first comic-book-movie appearances by geek favorites Jeff Goldblum and Cate Blanchett.

But will that be enough to surpass the webslinger? Time will tell, but even if it doesn’t quite catch Homecoming, Ragnarok can still claim the crown of the best poster.

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