Evansville has a code involving fireworks, and it turns out if you're shooting them off now, you're breaking the law! Until Saturday that is... 


Here lately around my neighborhood I've noticed a lot more fireworks than usual. It turns out my neighbors have been *cue Judas Priest* breakin' the law!  Apparently it's illegal right now to shoot of fireworks until June 29th (this Saturday) in Evansville!

The Evansville Police department  posted a reminder about Municipal Code 9.10.020  which states that consumer fireworks may only be used within the city limits of Evansville between June 29,30, & July 1st-9th. They can also be discharged on December 31st-January 1st at 1AM.  They also remind you that you cannot discharge fireworks on public streets, parks, or where they could land on other property.
Evansville police department also said in their post:

HOLD YOUR FIRE(WORKS)! The City of Evansville has a very specific Municipal Code relating to fireworks and, until June 29th, use is ILLEGAL. Officers are already being dispatched on fireworks/noise complaint runs. Please share this post with your friends and neighbors. Go to http://www.evansville.in.gov/ , find the drop menu under section "How Do I...", choose "Find a Municipal Code", and examine Code 9.10.020 for specifics--dates and times fireworks are allowed--where they are NOT allowed, and what constitutes "Consumer Fireworks" and what does not. Note also violations include a fine. Be safe, be courteous.


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