I learned a long time ago that Christmas shopping STRESSES me out. Thank God for online shopping because I just couldn't go into the stores. I'd have a breakdown. Well, I DID have multiple breakdowns. Now, I sit in my comfy chair on Cyber Monday and just go down the list and ORDER ORDER ORDER.

But, one of the things I usually go to the store to get are stocking stuffers. Kids are easy and don't think I'm not above putting things like toothpaste and zit cream in their stockings. Adults are harder. They expect creativity.

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Last year, one of the things I got for my entire family (and myself) was this silly toilet bowl light. And, let me tell you - it's AWESOME. It's motion activated - so you hang it on the bowl or your tissue paper basket or somewhere that points toward the door and it only illuminates when it's dark and it detects motion. The light isn't too bright but does pick me up when I'm close so I can see without waking up. And it's COLOR CHANGING so it's fun!

I seriously think to myself every night when I get up to go pee how much I love it. Anyway, if you are looking for a cheap and fun stocking stuffer, these color-changing toilet bowl lights are the bees' knees.

That's all.

Merry Christmas!

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