I've seen a lot of really cool-themed cabins on AirBnb, but I've never seen one like this! This cabin is the perfect vacation destination if you're a fan of horror, but especially 80s-90s horror.

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Allow me to introduce you to the Creepshow Inn

Now first, I'm going to say this cabin is definitely a destination spot because it is in Bear Lake, California.  When I looked it up it's about 2 hours from Los Angeles, or a little over an hour train ride from LA so if you're wanting to visit California and stop by LA but not deal with the hustle and bustle constantly, this may be the perfect California destination for you!

This AirBnb is perfectly 80s/90s retro, and brought me back to my childhood! From the bright colors to the Goosebumps-themed bathroom, it is retro horror perfection.  The AirBnb even has a 100-inch projector for you to watch your favorite horror films on.  And want to feel like you're actually back in the good old days?  They also have plenty of horror VHS tapes to pop in the VCR and enjoy.  There's a coffee maker, kitchen, and even a big popcorn machine so you can enjoy a big bowl of popcorn.

Here's what the AirBnb listing says about Creepshow Inn:

We suggest all guests make a fresh pot of coffee upon arriving, in hopes Freddy isn't in anyones nightmares.

Michael Myers will greet you in our VHS vault where you can pick out a tape to watch in the Creature of the Black Lagoon bedroom!

Our 100 inch projector has all the Netflix, Amazon Prime and Shudder a horror fiend can ask for!

Don't let the bathroom give you Goosebumps! We assure you, the Haunted Mask isn't the same from the show.

I've never wanted to travel to California so badly!

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